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We tend to try and steer our designs towards what timber is locally available. This way we are not imposing our cutting list on the woods, we work out what the woods can give and then come up with a design. This way you end up with furniture that still feels like the tree from which it came.

Bespoke made kitchen table and bench for a client in Bath, made from locally sourced timber from woodlands managed by Ed Strutt.

Detail shot of a set of bespoke made benches for the Rye Bakery Cafe in Frome. All made out of  locally sourced timber.

Generously sized garden table and benches fit for a banquet.

Top detail shot of bespoke  Ash kitchen table and bench.

 Outdoor garden table, bespoke designed in collaboration with the client, and made by Ed Strutt of Edofthewoods.

Side detail shot of Ash kitchen  table and bench.

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